Modular Frame Systems


The EUR-1 series of systems use aluminum frames for construction of enclosures and components designed specifically for the HVAC industry.  Frame-Tec offers four framing systems: standard, blunted, double walled and themal break systems.


EUR-1 Systems 

The EUR-1  framing systems for construction of enclosures, and components are designed specifically for the HVAC industry. These systems are also widely used in the following applications: soundproofing enclosures, electrical or electronic cabinets, paint booths, transport containers, work stations and exhibition booths.

The systems use aluminum profiles, corner joints and accessories which are used to build cabinets with various features. The frames are strong, corrosion resistant and easy to assemble by connecting the edge post profiles with aluminum or nylon corners joints. The omega profile is used for vertical and horizontal support to reinforce and subdivide the unit.


Standard Frame System. Used with standard panels.

  • Economical and available in a wide range of products.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with hand tools.
  • Strong, durable and corrosion resistant.


Basic System Blunted Shape. Used with standard panels. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Other attributes are the same as the standard system.

Advanced Double Walled System. Used with standard panels or with "stepped" panels. This system is used to hide the pointed end of the screws inside the tubular section of the profile and to have a smooth surface without grooves or steps to keep the unit clean and compliant with Health & Safety requirements.

  • Smooth surface between profiles and panels inside the unit in order to guarantee hygienic conditions.
  • Profiles are rounded internally in order to avoid undesirable deposits.
  • Other attributes are the same as the standard system.


Advanced Thermal Break System. Used with a standard or "stepped" shape panel. Screws are fastened from outside the frame. This system is used for the creation of thermal insulation between the inner and the outer surfaces of the unit. This system avoids condensation on surfaces of the unit and improves the thermal efficiency.

  • Thermal break provides insulation between inside and outside and improve the thermal efficiency.
  • Smooth surface between profiles and panels inside the unit provide hygienic conditions.
  • Other attributes are similar to standard frames.

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Download the entire catalog of products available in the EUR-1 modular system.

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