Frame-Tec Exclusive North American Distributor Of EUR-1 Modular Systems

NewmoduleSM290Frame-Tec is the exclusive North American distributor of the EUR-1 modular frame systems comprised of extruded aluminum profiles, cast aluminum and fiberglass- reinforced nylon corners and other accessories, used for a variety of industrial framing and housing applications.

Designed and developed in Italy by Pro-Lam Alluminio, these products have proven highly effective in providing improved quality and lower cost products for manufacturers in Europe and throughout the world over two decades. Frame-Tec is offering these products to the North American market.

Typical applications include framing for air conditioning products, electronic or control device cabinets, acoustical, electrical or power unit enclosures, industrial workstations, modular softwall cleanrooms (food processing, pharmaceutical, and hospitals), aerospace and transportation products.

These versatile components of the EUR-1 system are stocked at our warehouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and available to house your equipment.

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Full Product Guide


Download the entire catalog of products available in the EUR-1 modular system.

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